Tanka’s 30-day active bracelets feature a patented macromolecular technology that delivers nutrients directly through the skin, ensuring effective absorption and maximum results. This innovative approach bypasses the digestive system, avoiding the first-pass metabolism common in oral supplements.

As a result, Tanka offers a safer and more efficient method for nutrient intake, free from adverse effects on vital organs. This cutting-edge technology aligns perfectly with our commitment to health, efficiency, and convenience in wellness.
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The release mechanism is based on the balance between the incompatibility of the polymer and the active substances on one side and the diffusion forces on the other side.

The physical contact between the skin and the inner surface of the bracelet is the trigger for the release of the active substants. When such contact happens, the active substances migrate from the surface (by the solvents and penetration enhancers) and penetrate to and through skin. then the surface become “empty “and the diffusion forces drive the active substances for the internal part of the bracelet to the surface – this process is occurring all the time continually during the period of application.

Following the oral administration of collagen 100% of the collagen protein pass a degeneration in the digestive system which breaks them down into their component amino acids – so actually no collagen absorbed following oral administration as a peptide – following transdermal delivery we bypass this distraction of the collagen and ensure actual deliver of collagen as active peptide

The matrix is even but the delivery of active compound occurs only with the plastic is in full contact with the surface of the skin.

The technology is flexible but there are some limitations. We have vast know-how in order to estimate if the active ingedient is suitable or not based on defined parameters and criteria.

The 88 is based on in vitro test – it’s only to prove the release and the skin penetration. The used amount was based on vast observation and feedbacks from voluntarily consumers.

Testing would have to be done to make sure the active ingredients can be put into the bracelet and then absorbed by the skin.

Polymer, active substances, solubilizer sand penetration enhancers

Generally, one bracelet of each type (can mix different bracelets type at the same time) but in specific situation it’s recommended to use two ( as high weight consumers)

Pregnant / breastfeeding women / children should consult with their doctor before use.