Tanka’s Technical Bulletin



The skin is a potential site for active ingredients’ administration via absorption, due to the large surface area of this organ.

However, the absorption of chosen ingredients such as dietary supplements throughout the skin is very challenging, because there is the first barrier that must be passed, the SC [stratum corneum].

For administered active ingredients to be absorbed into the circulation, they must first permeate into the skin via this molecular architecture.

Schematic representation of transdermal drug delivery mechanisms

Schematic representation of transdermal drug

Tanaka’s way of transdermal intake of dietary supplements bypass first pass metabolism, wear & forget for up to 30 days, ease-of-use, achieves long-lasting, consistent administration, which ensures stable, and an efficient outcome as well as oral administration with large amounts of active ingredients due to a steadily available therapeutic concentration.

Reference: Enhancement strategies for transdermal drug delivery systems: current trends and applications.